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Инструкцию motorola cm140, cm160

Special thanks to Gyula HA7JCA for. Computers with i80486 are recommended by VERTEX, iCeleron 433 MHz processor may be also applicable. The most common mistake is running DOS programs under Windows. The programming cable is not powered from the port. In this case a DOS programming software seems to work correctly with the emulated serial port various DOS softwares for MOTOROLA mobile radios were tested. CD4093 is recommended because it has Schmitt trigger inputs. Device radio type Checked by Recommended software Connector KENWOOD TM-V7 Igor RA0FMF MCP-V7 ver 1. Alexander Nesterov has also designed the programmer schematics enhancements VD8 and R13 and a specific connector to program MAXON SL500 radios. TK-353 radios are put in the program mode by holding the side button below PTT and C button while powering the radio on. The radio is put into programming mode by holding 'Phi' button while powering on. In this case the cable can not be powered from the port reliably. Otherwise TxD to RxD interference will result in programming failure. The programming cable is powered from the radio socket. Broken wires are the frequent reason of malfunction. The programmer is used as a non-inverting buffer. TK-250 enters programming mode by pressing Lamp and Lo buttons while turning the radio on. Multiwire cable with low mutual capacitance among wires is also applicable. Uncareful trunking board removing or burning radio inner circuits with the bad programming cable makes the radio unprogrammable. Alexander 'Gulliver' has proposed the connector for the VECTOR VT-44 MILITARY portable LPD radio. The main goal of this cable schematics is the invertion of signal levels.

The photo is provided by Alexander 'Gulliver'.

MOTOROLA mobile CM series radios are programmed through the rear accessory connector. Oleg EX8MLT has proposed HYT TC-500 radios connector. Power rectifier diodes and germanium diodes will not work. Make sure the software and operational system are correct. The power supply can be taken from the radio power supply or the accessory connector if available. Unused IC inputs not outputs! Some radios are put in programming cloning mode manually by pressing a specific set of buttons while turning on. Use MS DOS or Windows'98 in DOS mode for such programs. Programmer schematics is classic. Sometimes the VT2 PNP transistor is replaced with an NPN transistor. Check the component correspondence with the schematic diagram. A connection to devices with a non-standard processor supply voltage cordless and cellular phones requiers a special connector.

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